Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Why did Lady Macbeth enter my mind when entitling this post? No idea, except that all I seem to be able to focus on today, is tomorrow's follie scan! At three tomorrow I will find out if the two folllies they saw at my last u/s are the right size to trigger. I am hoping some other follies decided to join in the race too and that I am all good to go for an IUI on Friday. Please send my follies juicy, right sized thoughts!

It has been snowing here for the last day and a half, which I LOVE but it has knocked out our satellite internet (living in the backwoods makes internet access a nightmare), so, I am attempting to post from my phone because I really wanted to share some snow pics and pics of my fur babies in the snow since this is the only snow I think we will have this year!

This is Pink, running and playing in the snow, she is SO happy!

This is Kenda. She is such a dork. She will stay in her shelter when it is snowing and raining, until we blanket her. Then she is living wild and fancy free, frolicking in the snow!

The view of our horse pen from the porch. I love how beautiful the trees look when they are covered in snow!


  1. Pretty snow! We got a lot more than normal this winter, and the dogs have absolutely loved it. Sending happy follie thoughts your way ;)

  2. How pretty!! Enjoy the snow :) And good luck tomorrow!!!