Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Natural O

Over the past five years of TTC, I have hand a handful of unmedicated cycles in which I have O pain and EWCM. Of that handful of times, I actually had a CP so I know for sure that I O'd on my own AND that confirmed to me that when I produce EWCM on my own, I am probably actually Oing a mature egg. In the past year, this has happened twice and now a third time as this cycle happens to be one of those handfuls!

I've been pretty blah about this cycle and TTC in general, but today I actually find myself a little encouraged. I am still not very hopeful but with a positive opk yesterday and EWCM this morning, along with some major O pains, I feel like there may actually be a small glimmer of hope.


  1. I am anovulatory so I know how exciting that is! FX for you!!