Thursday, April 3, 2014

IUI #3 Today

Well, I had my follie scan yesterday towards the end of the day and we will be doing our IUI today instead of tomorrow. My lining is textbook, triple stripe at 10.8! In my right ovary I have three follies hovering around 15 and in my left ovary I have a very large 28! My RE said there may even be one behind it but it was hard to tell because of the 28. I was nervous about it being so big, that maybe it is a cyst and doesn't contain an egg but he assured me that it is a beautiful follicle and it is ready to burst. He also said that there is a possibility that one or more on the right side could get a boost from the trigger and ovulate on Friday so we will be instructed to DTD on Friday as well.

They always tell me to bring my trigger to my follie scan appointment and I guess this is why because the nurse triggered me right there in the office and scheduled my IUI for 4:30 (pst) today. Regardless of what my RE says, I was still nervous that the 28 is too big so I did a bunch of research and found this: The optimal follicle size to achieve pregnancy on Femara. It made me feel a little better. It looks like with my lining, that follie size is ok. In one of the graphs, my chances look to be as good as 25% and in another about 20% which is obviously better than my historical 0%. I am trying to stay optimistic but I do have some lingering doubts. I wish we could have waited for the other three follies so we had better chances.

While in the RE's office, I felt really bad for a guy who was talking to another doctor at the nurses station. I overheard their conversation when I was walking into the room for my scan and they were talking about his low numbers and how difficult it would be to achieve pregnancy. He was obviously upset. At the end of my scan, I asked the doctor whether or not my DH's count would be an issue since he wouldn't have abstained for as long, doing the IUI a day earlier. He told me it wouldn't be an issue, reiterated that this follicle is perfect and as he was opening the door to leave the room said, "Your husband has a super sperm count, so his numbers will probably be just around normal instead of through the roof which will be perfect." The guy was still standing at the nurses station and very obviously heard. I know my RE didn't realize that it was probably hurtful to say it and maybe I'm just overly attuned to other's emotions when it comes to IF but when I left the room, I couldn't even look at the poor guy. Part of me wanted to hug him and the other part of me wanted to run. IF is a biatch!


  1. Oh, yikes, I'm so sorry for that poor man! I am very excited for you though :) FINGERS CROSSED HARD!!! And I'm also so impressed at that 10.8 lining! Wow!

    1. Thank you Cici! I am very anxious and excited!

  2. Aww, I feel so bad for that guy! IF sucks so bad.

    FX for you love!!!

  3. I think it hurts so much more when there's an "insensitive moment" right at the clinic.

    Fingers crossed for you!!