Monday, November 2, 2015

19 weeks 2 days

For the moment, things are going well!

I can feel baby girl move a ton and my bleeding turned to brown and then vanished! For the past three days I have felt comfortable enough to stop wearing pads and due to the fact that I can feel baby, I don't use the doppler anymore :)

We have our anatomy scan on Friday so I am anxious to see our LO and know that things are going ok. I am also anxious to see my cervical length because I have had a ton of pressure down there and lost some of my mucous plug during and towards the end of the bleeding. I know it regenerates and my OB assured me that all is well but I worry anyway!

We have started purchasing all kinds of baby stuff including cloth diapers, clothes and decals for the walls of the nursery. I had really wanted to paint a mural myself but I am on bed rest until my appointment on the 13th and after that will probably remain on modified bed rest so it would just be impossible. 

Instead, we ordered the cutest tree, flowers, butterflies, fairies and grass decals for the walls. Grass will line the bottom of the walls and the tree will be on the main wall of the room. It is very exciting. We can't start decorating until after my family visits at Thanksgiving because we will still need the nursery as a guest room but after that it's full speed ahead! I will post pictures when we finish :) 

My nausea has subsided so I am on to my newest symptom: pregsomnia. Thank God for netflix! I re-watched half the second season of TWD last night!

That's all I really have to report for now. I'll come back with an update of our anatomy scan after Friday!