Monday, April 21, 2014

A More Complete Post

For new readers from ICLW, welcome! We have been TTC for five years and went to an RE last May. We have done two medicated TI cycles and three IUIs but still don't have our tiny human. 

Thankfully, we were on a mini-vacation when AF reared her ugly head because I have definitely able to cope better as a result. In fact, I barely thought about where we would be going from here! I was too busy gambling, watching the games I bet on, and eating delicious food to worry about when (or if) we would ever have our very own tiny human. It was a nice reprieve to live a few days in a non-child and non-IF world.

Since my insurance company always takes forever to get back to my clinic, I didn't even call to let them know that I started my period until today. I figured, what's the point calling them on my vacation just to tell them bad news? At first, I was super annoyed that it took my insurance company F.O.R.E.V.E.R to give authorization, but now? They can take as long as they need because apparently, they are VERY good negotiators. My clinic charges $1300 per IUI when you are OOP. We are 50% OOP after our insurance negotiates the rates and I just finally got my bill for my first IUI. I was expecting that it would be between $300-500. Since my insurance only pays out $1500 as a lifetime max for IF treatment, I assumed we could do three IUIs. But guess what folks!?!? Our bill was only $106 for our first IUI! That is just craziness! Since my RE feels comfortable doing a few more IUIs, I figure, why not? From a lot of research I have done, it seems like if it hasn't worked already, it's not going to BUT I am willing to give it a shot anyway. Since we can't afford IVF, it's better than doing nothing.

As I mentioned this morning, one of our goats was showing signs of labor. Goats are very interestingly a lot like humans in that all of their pregnancy symptoms can be something else. Since this is our first time having pregnant goats, I have been doing a ton of research on what signs and symptoms I should be looking for as kidding (birthing) time nears, and in almost every tutorial and blog I have read, I keep finding the words, "...may be a symptom that kidding is nearing but is also a symptom of..." I feel like I am on the Trying to Get Pregnant or Trouble Trying to Conceive threads on The Bump! At least for humans, we can pee on a stick, for a goat, the only true confirmation of pregnancy is the end result: a baby goat. So when I got a text from my husband this morning saying, "Mayhem is talking to her sides" which is a sign that labor could be starting, I ran outside, full of anticipation that we would soon have a new bundle of hooves. She was indeed making noises and nipping at her sides but 20 minutes later she was comfortably laying on the deck in the sun, sleeping. Sigh. It seems like everything is a guessing game! With my luck, it'll happen tomorrow night when it is sleeting and 37 degrees!

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  1. Oh my goodness on all accounts! Excited to hear more about the goats. I don't know much about them other than I really like their cheese, lol :)