Friday, April 25, 2014

Approved for IUI#4

Well, my insurance company cleared me for IUI#4 so with my next cycle starting the second week of May, we should be doing IUI#4 the third week of May. I plan to ask my RE if a change of protocol would be a good idea, to try and get more mature eggs but have a feeling he will just shoot me down. My current protocol is working, I'm just only getting one or two follies and while Pregnitude seemed to help initially (the first cycle after I started taking it I have two beautiful follies) it didn't help last cycle. I feel like I need a more aggressive plan.

On a non-IF related note, we thought that Mischief was going into labor yesterday, as she started doing this funky twist and push thing but she laid down in her stall shortly thereafter and we've seen no signs of labor since. It's frustrating to not know exactly when she was bred, since she was a rescue, so we only know that she should be kidding sometime between now and May 3!


  1. Glad to hear that your insurance approved another IUI :) Just curious what dose of femara you're on. Even among RE's I've heard different max doses. At the clinic we went to they would go all the way up to 12.5mg. If you're not on that dose yet, maybe instead of changing the entire protocol, maybe just request a slight increase?

    1. That's a good idea. I am only on 5 mg. Last cycle, my RE said he would up it to 10 but when I went to take it, I realized it was still only 5. I called and they said that he had decided to keep me at 5 after all. I may try to really push harder to get him to up the dose rather than changing protocols since it IS working.