Monday, November 25, 2013

The power of positive thinking

I am going all in. I'm putting all my emotional chips in and going for the win. No bluffing. No second guessing. I am convinced that this is going to work! I had already decided this, before my u/s this morning because this cycle, the power of positive thinking is going to make my dreams come true.

Yes, I know it sounds a little silly and weird but really? I need to be all in this IUI. Mind, body and heart. I have forgiven my body for its past transgressions and am completely willing to believe that my body can successfully do its part in creating a tiny human.

These are all the thoughts I have been repeating to myself for the past three days and I am going to keep repeating them because ya know what? I have two follies that look GREAT for my IUI which has been scheduled for Wednesday morning!!!!! I actually have three follies on my right side at 21.5, 16 and 10.5. But my RE said the 10.5 (obviously) won't be ready by Wednesday morning. BUT two of those beautiful little embies will be and my RE said they both look really good! My lining is great and I am read to go!

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