Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inconvenient Timing

I'm 11 dpo and this morning's BFN wasn't really a big surprise. Ya know, because of the usual: I suck at making tiny humans! I'm looking forward to next cycle and my IUI which I just realized is going to be at a very inconvenient time. My sister and her family are coming for Thanksgiving, as they do every year, and they usually arrive the day before. However, she has decided they would like to come two days before turkey day. I am so looking forward to seeing them, however the day they plan to come will be (most likely if this cycle is the same as the others) the day I will be having my IUI. So how do I explain that one? Sorry Sis, the DH and I have to take a two hour road trip for a doctor's appointment, could you just hang out for a bit? AND, I'll have to give myself a booster shot on Thanksgiving day. I can just see myself reaching in the fridge to pull out my Pregnyl that has HCG written very largely across the box with my sister looking over my shoulder. Sigh. I think I am about to be outed.

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  1. I'm sorry about the BFN (hugs). I'm also sorry the IUI might come at the worst possible time and "out" you! I have to say though, once I told a few people about our struggles, it sort of felt like a weight was lifted off. Before that, I felt like I was holding on to this big dark secret and once it was lifted I felt better. I was also pretty blown away by how wonderfully supportive (most) people were/are. If you end up telling your sister/anyone, I hope you'll find the same thing. Good luck!