Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Moving on up

Well my baseline appointment was yesterday and I had a lot of baby follies! 6 follies on my right side all under 8 mm and 8 follies on my left side all under 6mm. When my RE came in and I told him that we were ready to move on to our first IUI he was very happy. He said I have responded well to medication in the past and with all those follicles we were bound to get one that would get that baby. If I were just starting out in this process, I think I would be more excited but right now I am going with cautious optimism. There's a caveat to all that "we'll get you that baby" talk. One of my follies needs to be between 18-20 mm in order for them to do the IUI. I've never had a follie that size. They are always either, much bigger or much smaller. So I am going to try the Cycle + Bloom meditations along with all my usual vitamins and supplements, Femara and good ole positive thinking.
I've never been one to keep secrets, especially from my sisters. Although I am private, I am pretty much an open book and a terrible liar. I'm still contemplating whether or not I am going to tell my sister prior to her arrival next week. My sister is awesome, she really is, but  I can't emotionally afford to get too excited for this IUI and that is exactly what she will do. She will be ridiculously excited and want to talk it to death. I can barely handle my own disappointment when I get my BFNs, let alone anyone else's disappointment and if this IUI doesn't work. *Sigh*

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  1. Ooo, I missed this post. Good luck with deciding if you will tell your sister or not. And: Grow follies, grow!!