Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Internal Monologue

This is the running conversation I have had in my head this morning. I am incorrigible.

External Optimist Me: (after feeling a slight pinch/pull in my lower abdomen) Eeeek! Was that implantation?

Logical Me: You are 5dpo. Stop.

EOM: (after using the bathroom and noticing CM) Ooooo! I haven't had that type of CM before, have I? I should check FF and compare all the signs I have ever recorded at 5dpo. This could be an early pregnancy sign!

LM: You are 5dpo. Stop. This is a natural cycle. You don't O mature eggs on your own. Knock it off.

EOM: Maybe I should just google the symptoms for 5dpo? You never know! It only takes once! Stranger things have happened!

LM: You hate it when people say that stuff. Just stop.

EOM: My boobs hurt! Maybe...

LM: Your  boobs always hurt from O to AF. Just stop it. SMH!

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