Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Update on the IUI

Well hello everyone! I've been MIA due to all the Holiday craziness and was away from my computer. It's pretty hard to post from my phone so sorry for the delay!

I had my first IUI last Wednesday 11/27/13 and it went really well. My RE said that he thinks both larger follies were in the running. :) And guess what? DH's sperm count was insane! 126 mil! We were pretty ecstatic and of course in true male fashion my DH stupidly said as we went to the car, "Well, I did my part, I guess it's just up to you!" Men. He didn't know and didn't mean to be a douche in saying that and I could tell that he immediately regretted the way it sounded so I just let it go.

So, now we wait. I am in a good place, listening to my meditations and trying to keep a positive mindset. I'm 6dpiui and have some cramping and had extreme nausea this morning but I am trying not to read too much in to that. For the moment, I am happy, optimistic and ready for this to have worked!

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