Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dr. Google, tell me what I want hear

Call me the Google Queen cause this girl has been on a google search binge. My searches have included everything from, "BFP after BFN" to images of pee sticks woman have posted of the progression from the day after their trigger to a BFN to their BFPs. While there was a faint line on my test this morning (from the HCG trigger/boosters), I POAS after a four, almost five, hour hold tonight and it is stark white. Not even a hint of a line til after the test dried.  Yes, 10dpiui is still early. Yes, I could still get a BFP in a few days but I just don't have a good feeling. We moved our company to our home on Thursday and Friday and I think the stress of that and the physical exertion of moving a packed 3000 square foot warehouse in two days was too much for my body. Sad.


  1. Oh no. I was hoping for a good update. I will keep my FX that it's just that it's still early!

  2. Sorry you're feeling so down about it. I hope you get the surprise of a lifetime in just a few days!!