Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trigger time... Like "Hammer Time" but not...

So I had my monitoring appointment yesterday and when my RE looked at my right ovary the nurse said, "When you make a follicle, you REALLY make a follicle!" It measured at 29 mm. I, of course blew on my fingernails and shined them up on my shoulder and said, "Yup. I do what I can." *insert ridiculously cheesy grin here* On my left side, for the very first time, I actually had a good looking follie as well at 16 mm! Holy shitballs, the left ovary awakens from its slumber!
 This is the first cycle we've seen any significant activity from my left side so I was pretty excited. My RE wanted me to trigger ASAP and although I felt like 16 was kinda small, my IDOB girls have reassured me it'll grow a little before it gets released. My RE said that he thinks the follie on the left side is "the one."

So I headed home and upon arriving found that my wondfos came and decided to just take an opk real quick and it was a fast and very dark positive (my first one!). So I mixed up my trigger and jammed that bad boy in there because at this point I have completely let go of my fear of needles. I don't have much of a choice because the DH looks sick when I talk about shooting myself! We DTD last night and are to do it again tonight to make sure there are plenty of swimmers up there for my eggies. Today, my right side hurts and I am nauseous as all get out (from the Pregnyl I am sure), but I am not feeling anything but a slight ache on my left side.

Please let this be it. Please let this be the time we get our BFP.
 It's not like I couldn't take any more treatments, shit I have only had two, but after almost five years of trying I am feeling a little burned out and I don't feel like I can stop or take a break because time keeps marching on and I am only getting older. Plus, IVF is not an option for us so our last stop would be a few IUIs before we reach our IF insurance cap.

For now, I am just going to try and think positively and visualize a sperm meeting up with an egg.

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