Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thank God I feel better than yesterday...

Femara is the devil.

Ok, ok, not really. From what I understand there are tons of other IF meds that have horrific side effects and so far, besides hot flashes, I can't complain. Much. The one side effect I hadn't read about anywhere is depression. HOLY MOLY, let me tell you, I am so glad to have reached out and found support from my IDOB ladies and TB ladies on the message boards because yesterday, I couldn't. Stop. Crying. I was a hot mess. Thankfully after asking and finding out that other women experience depression while on Femara I was able to get a hold of myself (don't ask me why but for some reason it helped to know if was probably just the meds).

Today, I am still a little weepy but I've got it under control.

Yesterday I looked like Kristin Bell when she was freaking out about her sloth present from her husband:

Today, I'm more like how she was watching the video of herself, on Ellen, freaking out about the sloth:

It may not seem like much of an improvement but belieeeeeeeve me, it is.

By the way, if you haven't seen the video of her freaking out about the sloth it is pretty funny. Check it out!

Also, I love sloths. And since I need a smile and you might too, here's a picture of a baby sloth for you to oogle!

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