Monday, June 9, 2014

Straight to IVF

Well, we have decided to forgo IUI#4 the repeat, after all. My insurance company is being weird and didn't give approval for the repeat IUI. Instead, my RE wants me to start BCPs in preparation for stimming for IVF in August.

I am kinda trippin out. They called in the BCPs and said I will get a call from my new coordinator (sad face because I love my current nurse) for IVF, next week and we will find out if we need to redo any blood tests or anything, at that time. Obviously, I need to get poppin' on this fundraising thing. Sooooo, I am going to go with Cici and Packer's recommendations and call my new blog, It Takes a Village: The Quest for Baby L and share it on facebook tonight or tomorrow.

For fundraising I am going to use They are reputable and their rates are reasonable and they have the fastest cash out time. I considered PayPal and but PayPal deposits into our account on a schedule and doesn't allow for a way to keep a running total of how much have been raised and GiveForward's rates are a little higher.

I am a tad bit disappointed that we can't do IUI#4, the repeat, but overall I will be happy if we can move on to IVF.


  1. I'm sorry the repeat is a no-go. I really hope the fundraising goes well and that this is what will bring you your "tiny human"!!

    1. Thank you Chickin :) at the very least, it is nice that people are saying such nice supportive things on Facebook. When I shared my public blog, I was a little worried I would have to deal with crazy people saying dumb things!