Monday, January 6, 2014

More waiting...

Well, it would appear that I am stuck waiting. Again. There will be no medicated IUI this cycle because the woman that does the insurance at my RE's office is apparently a di-ti-ti and gets distracted by butterflies and squirrels and cannot do her job. Last cycle, when I called my RE's office I had already planned on taking a break so I just reported my BFFN and asked that they get approval for my next IUI for this cycle. They said that of course they would and that I should just call when I next got AF. Well, I called today to schedule my cd3 u/s and found out that, oops! They forgot to get approval so I have to wait for another cycle. I wanted to reach through the phone and TP the insurance person! My nurse called me back to apologize, which was nice of her, but when she said that this happens a lot because their insurance gal isn't always on top of things, I wanted to say: "Then someone needs to be fired." Instead, I just graciously accepted her apology and said I understood and blah-dity blah blah blah. Come on, really? The clock is ticking and I am sick of waiting. Also, I *might* be a tiny bit pms-y. 

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