Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hello from 6dpo!

Phew, it has been a little while! So, I am 6dpo and having back ache and a funky pulled muscle feeling to the right of my belly button. It's probably something very normal and non implantation related so I am choosing to ignore it. I am strangely calm and not at all itching to test this cycle, which probably stems from the fact that it's a natural cycle so nothing's doin'. Fertility Friend dive give me cross hairs but it is an app on a phone so what does it know? I am looking forward to my IUI next cycle and hoping that this pregnitude did something to help improve egg quality and give us a better shot of getting KU!

On the fun side of things, we got two new goats and THEY are pregnant! I am super excited and they are the cutest little goaties I have seen in a long time! :) I cannot wait til the end of March, when they are due to see their cute little 2 lbs babies! I love the spring when we have all kinds of baby animals running around, although we've kind of gone from fall to spring around here so it already seems likes the babies should be here! So, without further ado, introducing, Mischief and Mayhem (or M&M, thanks Cici!):


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting/commenting on my blog.

    Um, can I say, I LOVE your goats?? We're in the process of buying the home we live in (it's our families estate, so we have to go through the settling of my grandparents estate first)...and it's on 18 acres. I have wanted goats for as long as I can remember and cannot wait to have the dotted line signed...cause I'm getting me some goats!

    1. Rach - Thank you for visiting/commenting back! I thought I wrote a comment to you last week, but it got lost in the world of the internet!

      Goats are AWESOME! I adore them, they are just like little dogs. Just make sure you have good fencing. They are escape artists!