Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's a Bench Burning Party!

Exactly 351 days ago, I was benched. I had an odd cycle in which my former RE had me take my entire femara dose at one time because I already had a follie on each side at 11 at my baseline appointment. I thought it odd but went with it because at that point we knew we were on the IVF track and we were just trying one final hail mary IUI. 351 days ago, I went back for my monitoring appointment and had already ovulated. My RE pulled the plug and said IUIs weren't working and that IVF was the only way to go.

I remember being devastated. I didn't think we would ever get to where we are today. Our business was slowly growing, I didn't even take a paycheck at the time. I couldn't foresee a way for us to afford IVF but I was determined. I let go of my pride, came out of the IF closet and started fund raising and saving. We cut back on EVERYTHING. Cut the cable bill, stopped going out to eat, created a strict budget and stuck to it. We completely changed our lives and looking back (although some times it was really hard) it was so worth it because today, I did my first Lupron injection.

TODAY I AM OFFICIALLY BURNING THE BENCH! After 351 days I am finally cycling again. Finally moving forward with IVF. I'd be nervous if I wasn't so excited. As of this moment I am just letting go and going with the flow. I am not stressing about the what ifs, I am not worrying about whether or not it will work, I am just living in the happy excitement that we are finally doing this!

In other news I got to see the pictures from my surgery today. I had 6 polyps and two of them were pretty big. Also, I had a bunch of extra tissue in there. Apparently my body hasn't been expelling all of my lining each cycle and it's been building up like crazy. It was crazy to see the before pictures, my uterus looked like a mess but the after pictures were amazing, it looks all clean and smooth now! Pretty cool! Hopefully this will give any embies the chance to snuggle in nice and tight and enjoy the cleanliness!


  1. I am so so SO happy for you. I cried reading this post [my husband thought I was crazy until I reminded him who you guys are and your story :-) ] and I am sending so many good luck vibes your way!!! (So glad to hear the state of your ute too!!) <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much! I am going back and forth between being SUPER excited and having Lupron rage, LOL!

  2. It sounds like this will help tremendously!! I am very excited for you!