Monday, July 28, 2014

You've got to be kidding me!

We can't catch a break! I was finally getting to a point in which I was ok with the fact that we are going to have to put off IVF for a while. I reworked our budget and was able to find $500 to put away this month and decided on Friday to just take the cash out of our account and put it in our safe so we aren't tempted to spend it and then what happens? My horse colicked.

A little horse 101 for those who don't know: Colic is horses is a general term that describes abdominal pain, usually from some problem in their intestines ranging from simple gas to severe twisting of the intestines and can lead to death.

In the past, when one of our horses has been colicky, we walk them for hours to get things moving and don't let them lay down or roll until we can get them to drink lots of water, eat a special feed and get their bowels moving. Occasionally we have had to call the vet. This was one of those occasions. After staying up all night, Saturday night, walking her and trying to get things moving, we had to call the vet Sunday morning because she was in too much pain for us to manage her on our own. I'll save you from the gory details but basically treatment involves a rectal exam and a tube up her nose into her stomach and lots of water and oil. Not pleasant. And guess where all that money I just set aside went? Yup. The vet bill.

Apparently Marabelle has learned from our rescue Mustang, Kenda, that eating rocks is a good idea and her gut is full of them. Since it was so hot here on Saturday, she stopped drinking water, the rocks settled causing her pain and then she was trying to roll around to dislodge them but in reality all that does is get her intestines all tangled up. She is doing better and although we have to give her some new foods and medications, the outlook is good.

This is the responsibility we agreed to take on when we got horses. It's part of being a horse owner but it's just very frustrating for me right now!

Marabelle on the left and Kenda on the right

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