Friday, July 11, 2014

I am SO not an AW!

I have never been one to run around, talking about myself and updating everyone on my life as if to say: LOOK AT ME! I AM SO IMPORTANT! So I find it increasingly difficult to self promote and get our fundraiser out there.

I keep getting emails from Deposit a Gift saying how important it is to email everyone and Facebook at least once a week to keep our fundraiser at the forefront of everyone's minds and I have been ignoring them until today. Today, I actually spammed everyone in my address book! It took me three hours to write, edit and then get up the courage to send the email, but I did it.

What prompted me to do it was that I reached out to a woman who was able to fundraise her entire first cycle of IVF in four months and asked her how she managed it. She gave me a lot of the same advice that Deposit a Gift was giving me, but she also gave me this little nugget of truth: "People may be annoyed that you emailed them asking for donations, but they won't hold against you forever and even if they don't donate, they will probably pass your email on to other people." It's a simple thought but one I really needed to hear. I was worried people would side eye their computers and talk crap. But so what? They are entitled to their opinions and as long as they don't say anything mean to me, it's allllll good. But if at least one of those people passes it on to someone else, that is one more person who is hearing our story and may consider donating. You just never know.

So, now that I am on a roll, I will ask all of you lovely ladies, would you mind sharing the link to either my public blog: or Donation Site:
Feel free to share it on your own blog or FB if you are out of the closet. If you just want to side eye your computer, that's cool too, I promise I won't take it to heart! If you are doing your own campaign and don't want mine to suck up your resources, I completely understand that too but I am just doing my best to get it out there!


  1. Good for you! I will share when I home this evening! Sending you lots of love and hoping you get the money you need!

  2. Glad you are getting the word out there! I am now selling Stella and Dot and would love to help you raise money and donate my comission of 20% to your funds! It's like shopping for a cause :) You can email me if you are interested!!!

    1. Wow Caroline, what a thoughtful and generous offer! I will be emailing you shortly! Thank you!