Friday, May 16, 2014

The Hits Always Keep on Coming

Well, we received out insurance renewal package in the mail today and it was like a punch in the gut. At first, when looking at our coverage, I was so excited because we no longer have to pay for the Infertility Rider! Our insurance company is now covering 50% of the diagnosis and treatment of infertility as part of our plan. BUT. There's a big BUT. It no longer covers IUIs. Cue the tears. It looks like, at this point, my only option is to move forward with IUI#4 and try to squeeze in IUI#5 before my coverage period ends with my current insurance. After that, when our plan changes, the only things they will cover are the appointments for medicated TI cycles. I know many people don't have any coverage at all, so I should be grateful for the small amount of coverage I have had so far, but it's a big disappointment. I was hoping to be able to do three more IUIs before having to call it quits (unless we win the lottery). But, what can you do?

On the plus side, AF has arrived and my baseline u/s is scheduled for Monday morning so we can get the IUI#4 show on the road. It's amazing how much my mood has changed since we are moving forward with another IUI. I know the chances of it working are slim but I am back to feeling better about at least doing SOMETHING. Rather than just drinking lots of spearmint tea with Pregnitude sprinkled in there and praying for the best.

Oddly, my cycles are getting longer. Meaning I have been "ovulating" later. I put this in quotes because my elevated androgen levels mean that I do not O mature eggs. I wonder if Oing later means the pregnitude and spearmint tea are working and my natural O date has been getting later because my eggs are more mature? I have gone from 21 day cycles for my first two years TTC to 24 day cycles for my 3rd and 4th year of TTC to 27 and 28 day cycles for the last few months (these are during natural, not medicated cycles). Ovulation has changed from cd 10 or 11 to cd 13 or 14. This month I think it was actually cd 15. Just food for thought, I suppose.

On a completely different topic, I just want to express how grateful I am to have such amazing, supportive and honest women in my support group (IDOB). I consider myself to be a bit of a self proclaimed professional lurker on The Bump; Parenting and TTGP Boards. TTC is my home board so I comment there the most but occasionally, over the past year, I have commented on TTGP but mostly I lurk because by the time I get to threads, everything has already been said and I don't want to add things just to get a word in. The women on TTGP are funny, witty and knowledgeable and I enjoy reading what they have to say. The havoc that has been reeked on those two boards over the last few days and weeks by two horrible women has both shocked me and made me even more grateful for the support I have through IDOB and for the honesty and lack of drama we have in our group. Having experienced someone like those women, IRL, I know the pain they can cause and I feel terrible for those who were betrayed and hurt by those women.


  1. Oh man, I think I'm glad I haven't been bothering to lurk on TTGP lately then...

    I'm so sorry about the change in your insurance coverage. Sooooo they cover "the treatment of infertility" but NOT IUIs? That makes sense /sarcasm. Ever since I learned more during NIAW about infertility insurance coverage (or lack thereof) I've been getting really pissed. It is so wrong and unfair. I'm sorry this is happening to you. I just hope and pray that this #4 will be all you need. xo

    1. IKR! I went on a little bit of a tirade to our broker about that. It doesn't make any sense! Grrrrr. Thanks Chickin, I am definitely hoping hard that this one works so I don't have to even think about it anymore!

  2. I'm sorry your insurance is changing. Being OOP sucks. Hopefully IUI #4 will be successful though and you won't have to worry about it!

  3. I'm crossing everything I've got for you & IUI #4! I'm sorry your insurance is pulling a fast one on you. I hate that they hold so much power over our choices by what they deem worthy of coverage. And I'm glad that I've stopped lurking on TTGP (though this happened a long time ago). I can only imagine! I'm so grateful for IDOB!