Monday, March 10, 2014


I believe I have mentioned on here before that I am taking Pregnitude ( When I first started taking it, it without the support of my RE. In fact, he was pretty indifferent; he didn't think it would help but he didn't think it would hurt. So, I've been taking it twice a day for a few months now. I noticed that while during all my Internet sleuthing before I started taking it, that there were a ton of posts and discussions going on about trying it but not much about people who took it and whether or not they had any results. So, I thought I would put a little post together about my experinece so far.

I started taking Pregnitude in an unmedicated cycle in December 2013. I took it every day, twice a day. It does have a little bit of a sweet taste, even though they say it is tasteless. I ended up getting pregnant this cycle but it was a chemical pregnancy.

I continued to take Pregnitude in January-February 2014 during a medicated cycle. For the first time in my treatment history, I actually have TWO perfect follies. When my RE saw them, he asked me again what else I was taking besides Femara and I reminded him that I had started Pregnitude. He said that for some women, it is a waste of money but for me, it seemed to have improve my egg quality. Woo hoo! This cycle ended in what I believe was another CP although I don't have doctor's confirmation on this one.

Now, in my Febraury-March 2014 I am once again unmedicated and taking Pregnitude every day, twice a day. I am currently in my TWW and will update on how this one goes!

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