Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Feather Baby Friday

It has been a long day. I ran the office alone and packed up and shipped out orders like a pro. It makes me feel good but reminds me why I am happy to have such great employees! 

Now that the work day is over, I am very much looking forward to a heating pad and a lot of TV! Knowing this, I was shocked when DH just came back from taking one of the fur babies to the vet and said, "Don't go sitting down just yet, you have some work to do! Please grab the box out of the car."

I. Was. Annoyed. 

Until I looked in the box and saw...... baby chicks!

Yay! I love baby chicks! They are layers, of course, set to join our flock of four (Rocky, Mountain, High and Yeeeee) aging chickens that only lay once a week now because they are getting too old. Day. Made. (I'm easy like that) Now if only AF would arrive! 


  1. Stopping by from ICLW. The baby chicks are adorable!

    1. Hi and welcome! They are! And they keep singing up a storm!

  2. Yay baby chickies! Sounds like a good day maker. =)