Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Ya know, it's funny to have a disease and not really know all that much about it? There's something wrong with that, am I right? I mean, I have endometriosis, I was diagnosed at 17 and it was explained to me what it was and that it cannot be cured but that's about it. I remember thinking, at the time, that there would probably be a cure for it in a few years or at the very least by the time I was ready to have babies. But guess what? No cure. Not yet. In fact, there really isn't much new information and hasn't been for the past 17 years since my diagnosis. Hence my plugging EndoMarch.

EndoMarch's goal is to help "...end the silence about endometriosis, so millions of women and girls can receive the proper diagnosis, care and hopefully a cure." (Source)

When does it happen? March 13, 2014 all over the world!

Want more info? Click Here You can get involved too! Even if you can't make it to an actual march, link EndoMarch's webpage on your facebook, twitter or blog. The idea is to get it out there and get people to pay attention.

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