Thursday, February 5, 2015

AW: Consult Appointment for Clinical Trial

This morning, while moping over my coffee about the fact that I am going to be 35 soon, a thought popped into my head about a clinical trial in a neighboring state (The Ivy Study). A few months back, I sent an email to the clinic requesting info about the trial but because I was 34 at the time and the trial is for women between the ages of 35 and 45, I never got a response. BUT, I am going to be 35 soon, maybe the trial is still open, I thought.

I looked up the trial and called the clinic closest to me about the trial. The receptionist asked me a ton of questions, put me on hold forever and came back and said that she talked to the person in charge of the trial and that she said to get me a consult appointment right away! The first appointment they had available that I could make is the 17th, so the 17th it is!

It turns out that the clinical trial ends at the end of March so, if I qualify, I would start Lupron in a couple weeks and then start stimming right after my birthday! Of course, I am getting ahead of myself. First, I need to be sure I qualify for the trial. I have read over the disqualifications and I think I will be ok, but obviously that will be up to the doctor and study people (I am picturing a bunch of people in white coats, standing around holding clipboards). The cost of stims is covered and the cost of IVF is halved if I am able to participate, which we could almost manage with the contributions we have had so far and our savings. My mom and dad and sister have offered to help with what we cannot manage.

I'm trying not to get excited. I keep reminding myself that this is by no means a guaranteed shot. I may not qualify. If I qualify, things might not go well, what if I don't respond to this medication? What if I overstim or am cancelled? But excitement keeps creeping in and I can barely contain myself at the thought that we might actually get a chance to have our chance!


  1. Without getting hopes up, that would be so exciting! Fingers crossed you get good news on the 17th!

  2. I know I'm not helping to keep your excitement level at bay but I am so freakin' PUMPED for you!!! I so so so so SO hope this happens for you... I have had everything crossed since I heard and will continue to! <3

  3. Yeah, I'm not going to be much help either in keeping the excitement in check.... OHHHHH MYYYYY GOODNESS!!! I am crossing all the crossables for you!! I hope this is your shot and I HOPE THAT THIS IS FINALLY IT!!!!!!!

  4. Oh I hope this goes well!!! Everything's crossed and I'm hoping for you!