Thursday, February 12, 2015


Thank you, ladies, for all your support and encouragement about my attempting to get into the study! I vacillate between being super exited and optimistic to being nervous, anxious and certain I won't get in. I've sought out some blogs of women who were accepted into the study, so I know what to expect (I need ALL the knowledge), and have found that unfortunately the first appointment is just the first step to approval. Isn't that how it always is with IF?

I am glad I read about it though so I know what to expect. The first appointment will determine whether or not I have the proper diagnosis to be included in the study. Thankfully, I've been through all the initial testing before so I should be ok unless there is some surprise in the notes from my first RE that I don't know about. If all goes well at that appointment (Tuesday), they will have to do another SA for DH and cd3 bloodwork and a u/s for me. They'll be looking at my FSH levels and I will have to have between 10 and 20 follies at my cd 3 u/s. Fingers crossed I will be ok there too because they are looking for an FSH under 12, which I have always been, and the fewest follies I've had at a cd 3 u/s is 11. If everything looks good at that point, I'll be accepted into the study and will get started with my protocol immediately because the study ends at the end of March.

At the moment, I am excited and optimistic but that usually changes every other hour so I'm sure I'll be back to worrying in no time!


  1. Crossing my fingers for you!

  2. ARGH!! I am so impatient for you to find out!!! FX so hard!! HUGS!