Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bad Blogger

Yikes, it's been a while!

Thankfully, our company has gotten very busy. We were at the verge of having the "closing our doors" talk if things hadn't picked up. Sadly, I had to lay off my sales guy and cut my shipping guy's hours so DH and I are working overtime: him blowing glass and packing and shipping orders and me doing all the accounting, business stuff and making all the sales calls. Between that and the puppies, it has been crazy around here.

I felt kind of bad because my sister and her family came to visit last week and I didn't get to spend any time with them. But, I'd rather not lose our company so the fact that we are busy is a Godsend.

In some ways, I am relieved we aren't cycling right now. I don't know how I would fit monitoring appointments in. Not to mention all the fun emotions that come with meds and stimming. I certainly don't want sales to get slow again but I am hopeful that I'll be able to find a way to balance everything once I am used to doing two jobs (well three if you count the puppy care).

In other news, the puppies are doing great! They are eating puppy baby food and are running around and playing with each other; they are so freaking cute!

We had to build them a new area because they were outgrowing their box, so now they have a puppy apartment. It's a pain to keep clean but they're so cute it's worth it. Here's a picture:

DH and I are keeping one of the pups, her name is Tully and she is a cutie. I absolutely adore her and carry her around everywhere (that won't last much longer)!

They tackled each other now and chew on each other, it is quite cute!

We've gotten deposits on all of the pups, except for three of them, we've had some inquiries on the chocolate female that is still available but none on this little cutie

Hopefully, we will find her a home soon, although they still can't go to their forever homes for a month so there's plenty of time! 


  1. OMG those puppies.... so F-ING CUTE!! I love Tully :-)
    So glad so many of them already have forever homes waiting! I hope you'll be able to nail down ones for the last 3 soon.
    You have been busy! So glad business is going okay but sorry about the layoffs and all the extra work. No wonder I haven't seen you around much! I've been thinking of you!

  2. Love the pictures! And so glad to hear that everything is picking up for you guys. That's awesome.

  3. How cute are all your puppies!!!! Good hearing from you

  4. OMG those puppy faces! I just love them! <3